I’m going to teach you how to prepare to write the essay so let’s just think about time management for right essay so the essay goes for 20 minutes right so you should spend 18 minutes writing and you should have 1 minute to check your writing at the end for spelling and grammar and punctuation but you should also spend 1 minute that’s all you need you just need one minute to prepare it’s really important to just think you can write something down if you want but even if you just prepare in your mind by just looking at the question prompt and understanding it if you begin to write without preparing or without thinking of the question prompt without having an idea of what you’re going to write you go in all sorts of directions.

I saw that yesterday with the difficult question prompt that I gave you I saw people writing in various directions not writing about the question prompt writing about something else why because they didn’t spend one-minute thinking about the question prompt and thinking him what does this mean what’s my opinion etc. so let’s have a look so this is what we’re going to look at we’re going to look at preparing for that in that one minute.

It is an argumentative essay that will have two sides okay every single question prompt that I’ve ever seen is an argumentative essay except one there is one that’s different but forget about that for today let’s think about the 99% they’re argumentative essays which means the question themselves we’ll give you two sides there will be two sides to the argument think about it like a boxing match there’ll be a red side and a blue side now you have three possible ways of answering the question: you can completely agree in which case in your introduction, you will say that you agree in your paragraphs you will agree and in your conclusion, you will agree or you can disagree with the question prompts in which case in the introduction. You’ll disagree in your paragraphs or you would disagree and in your conclusion you would disagree those two.

The easiest ways to write this essay because they’re just straightforward you just go you know what I just disagree with this disagree fine or you say you know what I agree with this agree that’s the easiest thing for you to do there is a third way where you can sort of partially agree partially disagree in which case you would say you know what. I do agree with red the blues also got some good some good reasons but if you agree and disagree in your conclusion you must come to a conclusion and say you know what overall red wins despite some good arguments from blue red wins.

Let’s think about how to disagree and agree with the question prompts. There are four questions you need to ask yourself in the one-minute preparation time: the first question that you need to ask yourself when you’re looking at the question prompt is what are the two sides of the argument what are the two sides if you can’t distinguish those two sides of the argument you’re in trouble because you won’t know what you’re agreeing with or what you’re disagreeing with.

Post Author: Hunter Rice