While equally important editing is typically not as time-consuming or complicated as revision both revising and editing typically require several different cycles revising a paper for form clarifying the message and reworking to reach a particular audience usually comes in the early cycles of rewriting while the stylistic concerns of adding commas correcting spelling errors and rewording.

Through editing come later also try to remember that both of these stages don’t necessarily need to be thought of as the steps that come at the end of a writing process. Many writers revise and edit as they go writing a sentence or paragraph here then returning to revise a previous sentence or paragraph as they attempt to mold their writing to suit their purpose and audience finding grammatical mechanical errors along the way. However, all good writers return back to these steps again and again until they are satisfied with the end result though the rest of your essays.

In this course won’t be as closely monitored for revising and editing as your first essay it is important to set aside time for these steps and everything you write whether you like to write quickly and heavily revise and edit later or revise and edit as you go leaving you with less to fix later so how do you complete these steps the suggestions presented in the rest of this video can be used to guide you through the entire rewriting stage keep in mind that these do not have to be followed in this particular order but I do suggest at least trying it this way for your first attempt in future revisions.

You may choose to complete some of these tasks at the same time or you may run through each of them separately actually become a more experienced writer you will find the ways that work for you can choose to print out your draft and write revisions directly on the paper or you can use a word processor to make your changes.

The most important parts of revision work to redefine an author’s purpose and audience reassess the message reshape the discourse and realign their meaning with linguistic forms since getting your message across is the most important part of writing a paper.

I suggest starting with finding the purpose first one piece of advice I like to give my students regarding rewriting is to not try to do it all at once instead I suggest doing a little revising here and there and then returning back to your work a day or two later and reading it over again

Post Author: Hunter Rice